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NCHC organizes various socio-cultural activities, festivals and celebrations in our community. These activities and celebrations provide opportunities for the individuals and families to come together to honor and rejoice our traditions and customs. Every year, we host a Nepali New Year (middle of April), Teej (Festival of Women) Dashain (greatest festival in Nepal), Tihar/Dipawali (Festival of Lights). These celebrations also provide opportunities to learn about our traditional culture, develop social connections among the community members and have fun. Hosting such activities on an annual basis, we have entertained thousands of community members.

Some of our activities are:


Dashain is the greatest festival in Nepal. It is based on the lunar calendar and falls in the months of Aswin or Kartik (Nepali date) and English period between September and October. This festival has its own cultural value and reason behind the celebrations. This is an occasion of great joy, delight, enthusiasm for all people. It signifies the victory of Good over Evil, truth over untruth and of justice over injustice.


Tihar (Dipawali) is also known as The Festival of Lights, as the houses are decorated with additional lights and colorful flowers. Tihar is falls between the month October and November and celebrated for five consecutive days. However, the date of observing the festival depends upon the cycle of the moon. Playing Deusi-Bhailo, and worshiping different animals (e.g. cow, dog, etc.) and birds (i.e. crow) as parts of nature are important aspects of this festival. This joyous festival brings dedication, enthusiasm, lights up the mood with social gatherings.

Teej (Festival of Women)

‘Teej’ also known as ‘Haritalika Teej’ or ‘Festival of Women’. This festival usually falls in the Nepali Sharawan or Bhadra month (August or September) and last for three days, including enjoying a grand feast, observing a rigid fasting, praying to Lord Shiva, bathing holy river (where possible), and performing traditional songs specific to the occasion. Therefore, this festival holds an immense religious, social and cultural significance. Every year, NCHC celebrate this festival with the purpose of promoting and preserving Nepalese socio cultural and religious traditions and values in Canada, a home away from home, as well as educate our children the future torch-bearers.